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Youtooz Glitter Hatsune Miku

Youtooz Glitter Hatsune Miku

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Release Date 07/17/2024*
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"Let me sing for you!"

It’s time for an encore with Hatsune Miku’s return to Youtooz for her second vinyl figure! Standing at 4.5 inches tall, her iconic blue has received an amazing glitter treatment to shine dazzlingly as the light hits it! Her long hair is pulled into large twintails with pink and black square hair clips as it flows down to her ankles and her left hand raised upwards while a huge smile stretches across her face as she’s posed mid-song. Wearing her iconic outfit of a gray sleeveless shirt with blue-green tie and black skirt, she’s accessorized perfectly with a black headset sitting behind her bangs along with black arm sleeves and boots while her red ‘01’ code can be seen on her upper left arm.

The exterior of her packaging is a pale blue showing the silhouettes of music notes and Miku, while the interior continues the motif of pale blue and polka dots with her Logo in a bright pink behind her. The protective sleeve displays Miku in front of a pink ‘01’ while notes float along a pink and blue wavy music bar and her figure can be seen through the large clear window at its front. This is an FYE exclusive vinyl figure.

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