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Ba Da Bing

Youbet - Compare & Despair

Youbet - Compare & Despair

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release. The thirteen songs on youbet's debut hit like relentless bursts of color. Musically adventurous and lyrically intimate, writer Nick Llobet's vocals lilt, hiss and command attention. His vision is fully formed on Compare & Despair, driven by equal parts humor and melancholy. It's bright, shocking cover art depicts a cast of psychotropic cartoon characters, each representing a different song. Youbet makes the music of idealized youth and time-bombed mirth. With a pure aim of freedom, but forever hindered by encroaching adult reality, Compare & Despair thrives in creative conflict. A stunning debut of intent, youbet sets loose a hyperactive imagination that rides the rainbow into a black hole.

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