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Between the Lines

Yedid/ Israel Netanya Kibbutz Orchestra - Angels Revolt

Yedid/ Israel Netanya Kibbutz Orchestra - Angels Revolt

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The present release is a balancing act that promotes creativity. Not least because the album, exclusively recorded live, denotes the most radical, uncompromising wraparound between Orient and Occident in Yedid's discography. The composer uses traditional Arabic harmony, Jewish ritual song forms, a touch of free jazz, European classical music and improvisation, makes them collide directly, but interlocks them from one second to the other in such an organic way that a new style is germinated. The Temple Mount of Jerusalem served as inspiration for the orchestral piece "Kiddushim Ve'Killulim." Yedid succeeded in bridging the traditions of the Muslim and Jewish poles with a daring, but sometimes unsettling, bridge. Yedid composed "Chat Gadya" for clarinet, violin, cello and piano. The recording at Dunwich Hall focused on violinist Rachel Smith. The "Concerto for Piano and Strings" is composed of three parts, dedicated by Yitzhak Yedid to Australian composer Michael Kieran Harvey, and highlights more radically than ever the affinity of the multicultural composer for contemporary classics. Finally, the "Aufstand der Engel" puts Rachael Shipard in scene on solo piano. The composition covers almost his entire musical range.

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