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Yard Apes - Devils Road

Yard Apes - Devils Road

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The Yard Apes formed in 2009 in Ballarat, Victoria and play primitive rockabilly tinged garage punk rock. Often compared with the sound usually emitting from a Tarantino soundtrack, they have been steadily building up a strong following in Victoria and New South Wales after playing live regularly in the past 18 months. The band formed from the ashes of a previously shared household where the band members would often wind up with police knocking at the door due to consuming a few too many tasty beverages with Buddy Holly blazing out of the speakers at 4am. They decided it was time to start waking up the neighbors with their own style and set about writing a new brand of rock and roll based on their favorite garage sounds of the 50s and 60s. The subject matter of the songs is often dark and narrative based but for the most part has it's roots in the true spirit of rock and roll - trusting the wrong people, losing your mind and getting loose with the devil.
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