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Willie Mabon - Willie's Blues: Greatest Hits 1952-57

Willie Mabon - Willie's Blues: Greatest Hits 1952-57

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EU-only collection. Although by no means a household name, Willie Mabon was a highly original R&B singer, pianist, and songwriter. His early career based mainly in Chicago was very influential over certain developments in pop, soul and R&B music. Features all of his big Blues hits of the 50's, such as "I Don't Know", "I'm Mad", "Poison Ivy" and his original version of Willie Dixon's "The Seventh Son" became an even bigger hit via artists like Mose Allison and Georgie Fame. Thanks to the beat and blues boom of the 1960's Willie's popularity spread from the confines of the Chicago Scene to Europe. Fully detailed liner notes cover his career and achievements. Jasmine.

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