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Weifan Chang - Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars (Original Soundtrack) Blue

Weifan Chang - Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars (Original Soundtrack) Blue

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"Asterigos: Curse of the Stars" is an action role playing game inspired by the glory of Greece and Rome. You will play the role of Hilda, a Northwind legion warrior, who enters Aphes, a lost city from legends, to look for her missing father. The enchanting original soundtrack was created by Weifan Chang, a well-known Taiwanese composer for indie games. But "Asterigos" is so much more than just orchestral music depicting a mythology or some dark electronic sounds delicately designed for a dungeon. In Aphes, you will even hear bards' songs, that Chang especially composed for this world. "Golden Olive", the main theme of "Asterigos", is performed by Asja Kadric, who sang in "Guild War 2", while the lyrics for "Nostalgia", the theme song, were written by Matthew Yen, a well-known Taiwanese lyricist and novelist. Furthermore, "Nostalgia" is sung by EMI Evans, whose vocals are also featured in "NieR: Automata". In the world created by "Asterigos", many songs are re-arranged and performed by Percival Schuttenbach, who is famous for his works in "The Witcher 3". In some mysterious corners in the game, you can even hear the beautiful voices of Pinling Chen, who sang in the games "Detention" and "Devotion" and Anna Stolarczyk, a Polish soprano who sang in the game, "Father & Son". Besides the orchestral music recorded by Budapest Symphony Orchestra, the soundtrack is also a collection of wonderful original music by Taiwanese performers, including Hsinyu Yang, Yachun Yang and Szuhui Tui, an English violinist, Dominika Latusek, a singer, Adiescar Chase, a Scottish guitarist, Joseph Stevenson, a Japanese pianist and composer, Aruto Matsumoto, and an Italian composer, Fabio Amurri. Dive in into a mysterious new world with this outstanding soundtrack and beautifully designed vinyl edition.

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