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Warrior Soul - Cocaine & Other Good Stuff

Warrior Soul - Cocaine & Other Good Stuff

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Warrior Soul presents a blast of a covers album called 'Cocaine and Other Good Stuff' on Livewire/Cargo, an incendiary compilation of songs that everyone in the band, both current and previous members, had some input choosing, and it shows true honesty in the recordings, making it a fresh take on some very listenable rock jams. The idea for a covers album started when main man Kory Clarke was contacted by legendary rock photographer, Alex Ruffini's brother, enquiring if Warrior Soul would record a cover of a KISS song, which was Alex Ruffini's favorite band, for a tribute in aid of Cancer Research. Warrior Soul recorded 'Cold Gin'. Once the band started recording it sounded really positive and they decided to assemble a complete record of covers ranging from Motorhead to KC and the Sunshine Band. The band are known for recording some electrifying covers previously, including songs by Joy Division, Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Kory Clarke has performed on several compilation and tribute albums singing other acts songs but this is the first complete album of it's kind from Warrior Soul. They have have taken their straight-ahead, honest, full-on rock n' roll approach to these songs and encourage you to raise a glass and sterilize your tooter - cause there ain't no vaccine for this jamdemic.

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