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TXT Official Light Stick

TXT Official Light Stick

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TXT Tomorrow X Together Official Light Stick.

This light stick can be connected to a central control at TXT concerts in a fanlight and concert mode. It can work in 4 standard modes: on, slow, quick and flash and requires 2 AA batteries to operate (not included) and can work for 5 hours. The batteries are hidden in a special compartment in the bottom of the handle. It is equipped with Bluetooth and can be controlled remotely by Central Control at the venue where concerts take place.

Package: 1* Light Stick, 1 Strap, Instructions and Box

Battery is not included, requires 2 AA batteries

The TXT lightstick has a head in the shape of a circle with a blue plus sign over the center. On the handle, features the name of the group Tomorrow X Together in the form of three buttons - two plusses and one times sign. It looks like a gameboy from the 90's and is very unique. Additionally, it makes a sound like a game when turned on!

Get the Tomorrow X Together Light Stick to show support for TXT!

100% brand new and high quality

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