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The Sun Came Out: 7 Worlds Collide Again

The Sun Came Out: 7 Worlds Collide Again

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In 2001 Neil Finn (Split Enz/Crowded House) gathered together musicians from across the globe in New Zealand, Eddie Vedder, Johnny Marr, Phil Selway and Ed O'Brien from Radiohead, Sebastian Steinberg and Lisa Germano and staged three amazing concerts under the moniker 7 Worlds Collide. Seven years later, Neil is doing it again and has added KT Tunstall and Wilco to the lineup. But this time as well as three concerts, they must record an album of new songs in three weeks. With proceeds going to the charity Oxfam. Come behind the scenes and watch as these amazing artists conceive, write, tweak, record and finally perform songs right in front of you. Fly on the wall musical moments like you've never seen. Then the setting - the artists staying at Piha on the wild west coast of Auckland and commuting daily to Neil's state of the art studio in town. The waves and black sand inspiring and informing the music. The camaraderie of the artists in this very elemental, confronting environment. The Sun Came Out is an inspiring, very intimate look at some of the best musicians in the world gathering in a place of spectacular beauty to record all new songs with a strict time limit, no real plan but enough goodwill to do it all for charity.

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