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The Saint: Set 1

The Saint: Set 1

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British actor Simon Dutton (Dangerous Beauty, By the Sword Divided) dons the golden halo in three feature-length adventures based on the timeless character created by Leslie Charteris. Simon Templar - known as the Saint from his initials - is a suave, sophisticated super-sleuth with a taste for theft and beautiful women. He lives on both sides of the law, courting danger with a smile. Women adore him, criminals fear him, and the police are often two steps behind him. Filmed in exotic locations around the world, these three adventures find the Saint chasing kidnappers, trapping murderers, and saving an old flame's father from a financial scam, all while staying impeccably dressed. Guest stars include Gayle Hunnicut, John Astin, Rebecca Gilling, and Ed Devereaux.

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