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Switching Channels

Switching Channels

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Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur's the Front Page gets a 1980s update from the print newsroom to broadcast television, complete with era-appropriate heartthrobs Burt Reynolds, Christopher Reeve, and Kathleen Turner. The world of broadcast anchor and journalist Christy Colleran (Turner) is a hectic and often humiliating place, especially under the thumb of ex-husband and producer John 'Sully' Sullivan (Reynolds). So when she takes a much needed vacation and meets handsome, wealthy, and self-assured Blaine Bingham, she's determined to leave the rat race and become his wife. But, Sully won't let her go so easily, and connives to get her involved in one last big story. Ted Kotcheff (Life at the Top, Fun with Dick and Jane) directs this fast-paced romantic comedy whose central conflict - from His Girl Friday to the Nine to Five world of the 1980s - needed little updating: will she or won't she sacrifice her career for the quiet life of a well-loved wife?

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