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Stockhausen/ Schumacher/ Grau - Mantra

Stockhausen/ Schumacher/ Grau - Mantra

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"Mantra", composed in 1970 and premiered in Donaueschingen, was Karlheinz Stockhausen's first composition following the orchestral work "Carré" to return to a largely traditional style of notation and to a relatively closed form. "Mantra" is at the same time, the first of Stockhausen's works in a style of composition that he has been pursuing exclusively since the mid-1970s: The entire structure is derived from a single melodic-rhythmic-tonal complex, i. e., the "mantra". Stockhausen described this method as "composition by formula". The unified construction of "Mantra" is a musical miniature of the unified macro-structure of the cosmos, just it is a magnification into the acoustic time-field of the unified micro-structure of the harmonic vibrations in notes themselves.

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