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Spectrum - Part One

Spectrum - Part One

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To the Australian public at large, Spectrum will always be remembered for the 1971 #1 hit 'I'll Be Gone', an enduring rock classic if ever there was one. While the song's appeal is unquestionable, to the dedicated Australian rock music aficionado Spectrum is more than just one gloriously brilliant song. Many fans will tell you that Spectrum music is some of the greatest progressive psych rock recorded in the day, and nominate the band as purveyors of a uniquely Australian sound and identity. Spectrum's debut, Part One was originally released on EMI's progressive label Harvest and is rightfully regarded as not only a landmark progressive rock release, but the beginnings of one of Australia 's more remarkable bands. In it's original incarnation (1969-1973), the band went through three different lineups, also gigging extensively under the alter-ego moniker of the Indelible Murtceps, released five albums and five singles, and left behind many fond memories from their concert appearances. Aztec Music's deluxe reissue of Part One has 7 bonus tracks - the non LP b -side "Launching Place Part One" and the 3 versions of their classic hit "I'll Be Gone": The original Aussie mono single and B-side ("Launching Place Part Two"), the German stereo single and the "Psycho-Psychedelic" version of "Launching Place Part Two" and the ultra rare 1969 acetate version with the previously unavailable B-side "You Never Can Win". Digitally remastered by Gil Matthews, liner notes by Ian MacFarlane and a 24 page booklet with many rare photos.

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