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Sivyj Yar - Golden Threads

Sivyj Yar - Golden Threads

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Two years after the acclaimed ???? / Grief, Sivyj Yar is back with a new studio album, ??????? ???? / Golden Threads. St. Petersburg-based multi-instrumentalist Vladimir takes us by surprise this time (temporarily?) leaving black metal aside and delivering a completely acoustic, instrumental album. Those of you who are familiar with bands like Nest and Tenhi will find many resemblances here, as ??????? ???? / Golden Threads has deep roots into the neofolk underground. Definitely the most unusual release in the whole Sivyj Yar discography, the Novgorod gusli is the main instrument here - a very close relative of the Finnish kantele. When asked to describe ??????? ???? / Golden Threads, Vladimir said he considers "The album as 'neo-medieval nocturnes' and dedicates it to Yuri Mirolyubov (1892-1970), the discoverer (well, most likely, the author) of the mysterious Book of Veles - the main influence on the Eastern European paganism revival". Sivyj Yar new, atypical album will be released on February 11th on CD and LP.

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