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Schoenberg/ Linos Piano Trio - Stolen Music

Schoenberg/ Linos Piano Trio - Stolen Music

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With orchestral concerts on hold for the foreseeable future, the Linos Piano Trio's Stolen Music project takes inspiration from earlier times and brings distilled versions of great orchestral works to smaller spaces. The combination of piano, violin and cello has, through the ages, acted as a (pre-digital) kind of virtuality, simulating music written for larger ensembles. This combination was chosen by Beethoven as an alternative instrumentation of his Second Symphony, allowing the work to be heard and played beyond it's premiere. Throughout the 19th Century the piano trio enjoyed a second life outside the genre's masterpieces: transcriptions of symphonic music. It's vast sound-color possibilities conjured the richness of an orchestra, while it's portability enlivened intimate salons.

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