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Aphrodite Symphonics

S.Hiiromi Solo Work's H.O.T - Pile Up High!

S.Hiiromi Solo Work's H.O.T - Pile Up High!

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This is the first album by the guitar instrument new project 'S. HIROMI solo work's H. O. T' by Hiromi Suzuki, former Terra Rosa and current Blue Symphony guitarist. The album contains 9 songs, ranging from dramatic to straight-forward, and is composed of familiar songs. The band features a strong rhythm section with Yoshihiro Ogasawara (oganchan) on bass and Tetsuya Hoshiyama on drums, who put their souls into each and every song with their technique and groove. The worldview of the band ranges from dramatic to straightforward, with a wide range of hard-rock rhythms, but with an up-and-down approach and familiar melodies, making this a group of works that you will want to listen to again and again.

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