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Romero/ Zafraan Ensemble - Ins Offene

Romero/ Zafraan Ensemble - Ins Offene

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The continuous change of timbres, lines and textures characterizes the three ensemble pieces on the present portrait album of Lula Romero. Instrumental and vocal parts merge with the manifold interacting live electronics to fluctuating, surreal soundscapes. Sometimes transforming other sounds, sometimes acting as an autonomous sound producer, the live electronics are in first line constructing space. The composer considers spatial elements as an integral part of her compositions and relates them with musical structure and sound material. The ensemble installation 'ins Offene' is - like Romero writes in the score preface - "a trial to superimpose different spaces and to blend them." Another example is the cycle 'die Wanderung' (the trek/wandering) where reduced sound material moves through various states, parts and instrumental spaces. Romero uses a broad range of compositional possibilities, which includes rule-based composing techniques as well as aleatory elements, and thereby creates complex musical structures. The recordings were produced in collaboration with the Deutschlandfunk and the SWR Experimentalstudio. Interpreters include the ensemble Vertixe Sonora, the Zafraan Ensemble and the vocalists Aki Hashimoto, Silke Evers and Noa Frenkel.
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