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Rod Picott - Girl from Arkansas

Rod Picott - Girl from Arkansas

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With his latest release, Girl from Arkansas, Rod Picott (pronounced Pie-caught) continues to thrive and expand as a storyteller and singer. Girl from Arkansas brings Picott's eye for lyric detail and whiskey-voiced delivery together with a newfound intimacy. Assembling a small crack band that included Dave Jacques [John Prine, Patty Griffin] on bass and Paul Griffith [Buddy Miller, Mindy Smith] on drums, producer/engineer David Henry [Cowboy Junkies, Guster] and Picott set out with a mission to capture the most honest and heartfelt performances they could find. Recorded live in the studio, Girl from Arkansas was made with minimal overdubs. The vocals were recorded live as the tracks were laid down with an effect of intimacy and immediacy mostly missing from today's recordings. Without the fussiness and formality of layering the recording, something special was revealed -- the heart of the songs. Girl from Arkansas is a fitting addition to the Welding Rod catalog and features some of Rod Picott's sharpest writing and inspired singing to date. Lyrically and musically, Girl from Arkansas finds Picott with his most personal group of songs yet.
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