Butter Sessions

Rbi - Disseminate

Rbi - Disseminate

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Following multiple appearances on local Naarm/Melbourne label digital compilations, RBI lands on Butter Sessions with a full length's worth of downtempo, ambient and full throttle, braindance-inspired dnb/jungle cuts. Whilst 'Proximity' and 'Return to Nature' presented RBI as one amongst many contemporary vanguards of the Australian electronic underground, her production style is allowed to shine in full effect on debut album Disseminate. There is an undeniable influence of early breakbeat, 90s IDM and UK sound system pressure at play, though RBI's sound design is knowingly modern. Rarely dropping the tempo below 140 aside from brief, beatless interludes ('100o10o1hz' / 'Gossip'), the result is a fine balance of unrelenting rave music and thoughtful, introspective glitch. Penultimate jam 'Subterranean Dub' seems like a nod to the living-room techno of the Artificial Intelligence series, occasional soft breaks mixing with murky, aquatic ambience, whilst things close with an eerie avant-garde electroacoustic piece. 'Arrivee Les Nuages' strikes as a participation in the current re-evaluation of psytrance, though follows on from 'Vault Ultra' which clearly references the atmospheric breakdowns of golden era dubstep. All in all, an impressive collection of dance productions which combines elements from scenes of the past 40 years.NB: The tracks on Disseminate sit within a wider audio-visual context where they soundtrack various Naarm cityscapes rebuilt as immersive digital worlds: 'I was lucky enough to collaborate with an incredibly talented friend and training architect Dom who came up with the idea of videos exploring digital spaces and worlds extracted from real locations. To create the work she filmed a number of locations near where we live, a warehouse party location, artist spaces, liminal spaces, objects...'

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