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Baby Steps

Pseudo Slang X Pawcut - What The Neighbors -----?

Pseudo Slang X Pawcut - What The Neighbors -----?

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Somethin brand new's crackin' from Pseudo Slang x Pawcut, joined by some bonafide creative beasts on this long-play album of the jazz-esque, underground hip hop variety: "What The Neighbors -?" On a 6-month mission that started as soon as the pandemic eased, Pseudo Slang hit the roadways of numerous countries across a couple of continents, performing, writing, recording, and creating in every city to the tune of completing 5-6 albums. This is the first of six. Pseudo Slang (BRONX, BUFFALO, CHICAGO) is a jazzy hip-hop outfit fronted by Emcee Sick aka Sickeeesick working with a brilliant crew of collaborators such as Pawcut, a Cat Called FRITZ, David Goliath, Japandrew, Rawhead, DJ Form, and many more. The PSlang has been extremely active touring internationally for nearly two decades and will be yet again-gain with a Cat Called FRITZ from 2023-2024 in support of 2XLP "What The Neighbors -?" with Pawcut (Sept 15, 2023) which features some amazing contributors. Boasting a lengthy catalog of releases spanning 25+ years with a focus on the beloved medium of vinyl, PS has predominantly self-released on Sick's label Baby Steps Hip Hop (aka Baby Steps Again) which was born during the decade-long weekly hip-hop event by the same name, most notably where the Griselda movement cut it's teeth and formed in Buffalo, NY.

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