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Preston Lovinggood - Shadow Songs

Preston Lovinggood - Shadow Songs

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Earlier this year Preston Lovinggood released his debut solo work, Sun Songs, beautifully lo-fi presentation of Lovinggood's songs. Unknown to most was the parallel musical plane five of those tracks had already been living in. Enter Shadow Songs. Over the course of a year, Preston recorded with producer/engineer Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead). While partially recorded in Birmingham, sessions in Los Angeles yielded him a freedom with his music that couldn't be found in the shackles of life at home. Along with Thorp and an entourage of new musicians, Preston's songs were re-imagined and six new tracks written. If Sun Songs can be likened to an up-close-and-personal documentary, then Shadow Songs is it's' equally impressive wide-screen sibling.
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