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Criminal Records Uk

Popes of Chillitown - Take A Picture

Popes of Chillitown - Take A Picture

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Popes came out of the UK ska/punk scene but quickly established themselves as keen to break conventions and incorporate wider influences into their sound. Impossible to tie down and with enough energy to power a small city, their songs drag you through punk, two-tone, rock, hip-hop, reggae, drum & bass, dub and metal.Renowned for their energetic live shows, Popes have amassed a loyal following, with 3 well-received albums, tours supporting Fishbone, Voodoo Glow Skulls & The Slackers as well as relentless headline touring of their own across the UK & Europe.The latest record 'Take A Picture' is a genre-denying melée of energetic, fiercely catchy and immersive songs, bringing together all the diverse influences in the band. Their fourth studio album releases via Criminal Records, digitally, on CD and 12" Splatter Vinyl. "We all come across live acts that blow our minds enough that we need to tell the whole world about them & recently for me London ska band Popes of Chillitown became that band" Rock Freaks"From the start, energy bursts from the speakers as colourful melodies from the horns dance and twist above the guitar, bassline and drums [but] this isn't simply another bouncy ska record." Songwriting Magazine"Everything here is top draw quality. There's not a song on the record that I'd describe as less than a goddamn riot..." Colin's Punk Rock World"They waste no time in redeeming their rightful place as one of the most diverse and complex beings in the punk genre" The Cozy Chronicles"Without having left behind any of their fun and fury, Popes have matured their sound & packed their latest offering full of heart & intelligence" Punk Archive
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