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Paraskevaidis/ Ensemble Aventure - Libres en El Sonido

Paraskevaidis/ Ensemble Aventure - Libres en El Sonido

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"Piercing, song-like, aggressive, dance-like - this is how her music sounds. Graciela Paraskevaídis was someone who did not bow down. Companions from all over Latin America call her a great beacon, especially during the years of Uruguay's dictatorship." (Yvonne Petitpierre) For many years, the Argentine-Uruguayan composer maintained close ties of artistic friendship with the Ensemble Aventure which presents seven of her works, including four first recordings, on this release. Graciela Paraskevaídis, an exceptional composer from Latin America, is a real discovery. She developed her own musical language which she taught in Europe and combined with traditional idioms of her home country to respond to concrete, current social issues. The sounds which she has worked with are concentrated to the essential and surrounded by silence, rough, yet cheerful in their own way. Hers is a music full of insight, expression and commitment.
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