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Oddjob/ Oddjob - Folk

Oddjob/ Oddjob - Folk

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Oddjob, a Swedish jazz quintet consisting of trumpet, alto saxophone, bass, piano, and drums, in their own words plays jazz, jazz with a beat. Music with a strong identity of its own but clearly inspired and rooted in the soul jazz of the 1960s and 70s. Since 2002, Oddjob has recorded 8 highly varied albums, one of which, a jazz album for children entitled Jazzoo, received a Swedish Grammy and another of which, entitled Clint, features themes from classic western films reworked in a jazz style. In their current release, entitled Folk, Oddjob is inspired by and is improvising over ancient Swedish pastoral Music. Cow herding and goat callings mixes fantastically well with the contemporary jazz played by this five piece band.
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