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Ninja Turtles

Ninja Turtles Hooded Union Suit

Ninja Turtles Hooded Union Suit

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Ninja Turtles Hooded Union SuitTake on the identity of each of the four Ninja Turtles with this fun Ninja Turtles union suit with a hood that doubles as a versatile costume! The Ninja Turtles Hooded Union Suit is green with a zipper closure and zip-off "feet." The suit features the front and back shells and brown sash worn by the four martial arts experts from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe, and it comes with four masks, blue for Leonardo, orange for Michelangelo, purple for Donatello and red for Raphael. Totally shell-acious and bodacious!Size Information:S/M:Height: 5'3"-5'7" / Weight: 125-150 lbsLarge:Height: 5'7"-5'11" / Weight: 150-175 lbsX-Large:Height: 5'11"-6'2" / Weight: 175-225 lbsXX-Large:Height: 5-11"-6'3" / Weight: 200-300 lbs
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