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Ay (Japan)

Nedavine - At Rest

Nedavine - At Rest

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Nedavine's music stems from a long lived passion for all things audible. At the age of 11 he was already heavily following the UK underground dark hardcore scene which gradually evolved to be drum n bass and it's dirtier cousin jungle. By 18 he was playing guitar, touring the UK in Kent based heavy metal band 6SS. With the end of the band, Nedavine (Grant Smith) found his musical outlet amongst the world of computers and synthesizers. Drawing on a wide range of influences as diverse as Steve Reich to Public Enemy, Nedavine began getting involved with various online music projects and appearing on CD's along side big name artists such as Venetian Snares. Now, this UK producer is based in Japan, fervently crafting soundscapes from behind the computer, Nadavine is constantly struggling to give something more organic to the electronic world. His music comes with a distinctly hip hop feel and yet runs extremely heavy on the electronic side of things. Melodies abound around the sound of old broken keyboards and rattled drum machines.

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