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April Records

Nana Rashid - Music For Betty

Nana Rashid - Music For Betty

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"Is it really possible to uncover such great unknown talent in today's jazz music?" The voice of Danish jazzsinger, Nana Rashid has a timeless quality, reminiscent of such greats as Nina Simone and Radka Toneff. The heart and soul of everything Nana Rashid does is rooted in the believe that music can reveal everything human and remind of what we have in common - our humanity. As a composer and performer, she very much relates to her time politically and spiritually in that way she firmly places herself in the present both through her lyrics and sounds. Nana Rashid made her debut in 2016 with the EP 'Sorrow in Sunlight' which consisted of four covers and received the words from the Danish national newspaper Berlingske Tidene: "Here, the smile is a painful process, and the message is delivered with a peculiarly vibrating voice and with an intensity that is maintained throughout this release. Admittedly, it's just an EP with four tracks, but they don't let themselves sit unheard like that." In April 2023 will her first full-length album, "Music for Betty", recorded together with the members of the Danish trio Little North, be released on the April Records. The album title was a work title referring to the Song "Poor Blue Betty" - as a reference to the parts we dismiss in ourselves but still so badly want because they are what makes us whole. The 8 songs on the record are written and chosen out of a wish to make music for all of the dismissed part of her own soul as a tool to integrate them further

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