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Mozart/ Venethos Ensemble - Milanese Quartets

Mozart/ Venethos Ensemble - Milanese Quartets

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's six 'Milanese' quartets constitute a milestone in his artistic activity. Written between Bolzano and Milan between 1772 and 1773, they came a few years after the Quartet K80/73f that he had composed in Lodi during his first Italian visit. More than that work, these six pieces - conceived before Mozart left the Milanese public with his third and last work for the Lombard capital, Lucio Silla K135 - constitute one of the first organic sets of string quartets ever conceived. Though based on the model of Haydn, they reveal Mozart's modern spirit, capable of following a new path and enriching it with his own personal contribution. Thirty years after the first and only recording of these works on period instruments by the Festetics Quartet, here is the recording debut of a young Italian ensemble, with the bonus of the first ever historically informed recording of the Quartet K156's original second movement.

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