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Mozart - Complete Edition

Mozart - Complete Edition

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Mozart encountered much fickleness on the part of the Viennese audiences and struggled to find suitable permanent employment for most of his career, but today his music is celebrated the world over; he is considered one of music history's greatest geniuses, the vast majority of his works enjoying regular performances and being constantly reinterpreted by amateurs and top professionals alike. Stretching from his earliest years right through to his final days, this wonderful 170 CD compendium traverses the full gamut of his glorious output. There was not a genre akin to the period that he neglected nor did not achieve success in (in this collection the works are ordered as such, traversing orchestral music, chamber music, solo instrumental music, sacred music and vocal music), and in many cases he effected transformation, attaining new artistic levels - particularly evident in the piano concertos that begin the compendium, and the concluding mature operas. A more varied, colorful output you could not find, one that is enhanced in this release by the multitude of talented performers assembled. The booklet contains consummate notes on Mozart as well as his works.

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