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Morgan/ La Petite Ecurie - Queen's Favourites

Morgan/ La Petite Ecurie - Queen's Favourites

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On it's debut album, La Petite Écurie presents a fascinating collection of English music by the most respected composers from around 1700: Thomas Morgan, Godfrey Finger, James Paisible and Henry Purcell. Paisible, who came originally from France, was Queen Anne's favorite composer; he composed and directed numerous works for 'the Queen's Oboe Band'. However, it is not only suites by Paisible himself that feature in this manuscript source; his handwriting can be recognized in both his own music and several other pieces, suggesting that he may have copied, organized performances of and perhaps arranged works by his colleagues for concerts at court. A rich variety of styles, rhythms and expressive forms may be heard here in overtures, dances, operatic arias and melodies, most of which are quite unknown. Since the oboe music of the eighteenth century is still rarely played and researched today, La Petite Écurie has set itself the task of rediscovering the beauty of a repertory that was very much in vogue at the time, performing it at the most prestigious European early music festivals and planning further recording projects.

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