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Messaline - Guerres Pudiques

Messaline - Guerres Pudiques

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Messaline has every asset to become one of the major acts of the French heavy-metal scene. Formed of three former musicians of ABSURD, this combo takes further the approach with still very original and tragicomic lyrics, but a much more aggressive music. Energy, power and melodies, here are the keywords about Messaline ! This year 2005 provides the "official" disco-graphic beginnings of the band, that recorded one song by ANGE for the yearly collector CD reserved for the fan-club Un Pied Dans La Marge. In the aftermath of this, Messaline has contributed to the tribute-album to KILLERS, entitled "Les Fils Des Loups". Their cover of "French Paradoxe" is besides present on their first album (In a new remixed version), beside a composition offered by Christian DECAMPS ("Les Cailles Au Fenouil"). Released on the Brennus label, "Guerres Pudiques" (2005) also received the contribution of ANGE's bass player Thierry SIDHOUM, on one title. Nothing else to say !

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