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Marge Litch - Fantasien

Marge Litch - Fantasien

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Tokyo-based progressive hard rock band Marge Litch. Their first album 'Fantasien' released in 1991 has been remastered and reissued with additional bonus tracks! A re-recorded version of the album was released in 1998, and this is the original version. Although more than half of the songs on the album are long, each member's technique is backed up by their tremendous performance ability, and their skill is one of the best in the business. The vocals, which are sometimes sung like an opera singer, are superb, and they radiate a one-of-a-kind presence. The bonus track 'Holy Tonight', a previously unreleased studio recording, is a profound yet melodically catchy number. This is a masterpiece that should be handed down to the next generation as an archive of Japanese hard rock.

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