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Black Screen Records

Lucien Monrandon Guy - Bamerang (Original Soundtrack)

Lucien Monrandon Guy - Bamerang (Original Soundtrack)

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Black Screen Records and Lululu Entertainment have teamed up to release Lucien Guy Montandon's soundtrack to their fast-paced local multiplayer boomerang fighting game Bämeräng on one-sided pink 12' vinyl this spring. The vinyl also comes with a free Steam Key for the game and a Bandcamp Code for the digital album. 'Finding the aesthetics for the Bämeräng soundtrack was a challenging and enjoyable experience. I imagined those characters making music at the end of a long fight. How would their music sound and what kind of instruments do they play? There is a bit of an organic-esoteric influence, which stands for the culture of the characters. And there is the world, which is very colourful, and that brought the pop in. I think those were the main keyframes during the production and composing process' - Lucien Guy Montandon

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