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White Swan

Liquid Bloom - Re.generations

Liquid Bloom - Re.generations

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With Re. Generations, producer Amani Friend re-envisions his music in a fresh immersive experience of spiritual wanderlust. The album dances the listener across eclectic soundscapes, drawing on Peruvian ritual songs, cello, Persian flute, Spanish flavor, classical stylings, nature sounds, and lyrical meditative guidance. Innovative collaborations with artists Poranguí, Deya Dova, Arsen Petrosyan, and Numatik seamlessly, soulfully transport you to healing, nature-infused spaces, to feel a primal connection to Earth - and be inspired to dance, meditate, practice yoga, do shamanic ceremony, or be creative in any number of ways. Nourish your soul with some of the world's most sacred sounds.

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