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Weird Vacation

Liam Hayes - Mirage Garage

Liam Hayes - Mirage Garage

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Liam Hayes went to Los Angeles to make one album. He left Los Angeles with a very di?erent one. A convoluted series of false starts forced a retreat to the 4-track cassette garage studio of Luther Russell, whose production skills and instinct for spontaneity quietly captured the experimental lightning in a bottle. These sessions would evolve into Mirage Garage: a collection of inspired purity, sustained by an abundance of unconstrained time and cups of tea. Infused with the fantastical, the mystical, the introspective; Mirage Garage goes light and goes dark, re?ecting the singular environment wherein it was manifested. The result: a masterful, evocative collection of songs, created without the eyes of spectators or critics; without middle men to steer an agenda; without clocks ticking down the burden of expectation. Mirage Garage has only been available as a cassette; the format on which it was recorded. Now, for the ?rst time, it's being released on vinyl by Weird Vacation.
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