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Krav Maga Israeli Self-Defense, Vol. 3: Advanced Techniques

Krav Maga Israeli Self-Defense, Vol. 3: Advanced Techniques

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The Israeli self-defense concept Krav Maga means contact fight. Krav Maga is a fight system of the Israeli army (Israeli Defense Forces) developed by Imi Lichtenfeld, in the mid-1930's. Because of the maximum efficiency of Krav Maga, this fight system was also taught to the civil population. Nowadays Krav Maga is not just used in Israel, many international military and police units are using it. Krav Maga is a hard and uncompromising self-defense method. Because of it's efficiency it's taught increasing in civil training centers in the USA as well as in Europe. The Volume 3: Advanced Techniques DVD demonstrates techniques and exercises for the third training level of Krav Maga, including: throwing techniques, fighting on the floor, self-defense, serial fist punch, free fall, cushion and mitt training, takedowns, stick fighting and knife fighting. The performers in this program are Jurgen Kohler and Bernd Hohle. They learned Krav Maga directly in Israel and were trained by several skilled Israeli instructors. Both were distinguished with the Best Instructor Award for their activity as trainers and are members of the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

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