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Krav Maga Hyoshsi: Self Defence Techniques

Krav Maga Hyoshsi: Self Defence Techniques

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The unique combination of Krav Maga and Hyoshi techniques on this martial arts training DVD will give you a fresh look and new approach for making your self-defense techniques more efficient and successful. In Krav Maga Hyoshi, you will learn simple, accessible and realistic self-defense techniques from Alain Formaggio, world technical director of the World Krav Maga Federation and co-founder of Close-Combat Operational System (CCOS). Krav Maga, derived from Israeli hand-to-hand-fighting techniques, has proven itself an efficient and deadly martial art for reality-based self-defense. It's methodology attracts an increasing number of amateurs and professionals looking to up their chances of survival should they fall under attack in combat or on the street. Extra features include a Kata demonstration, photo gallery, and pictures from the lessons.

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