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Komitas/ Ensemble Esperanza - Southern Tunes

Komitas/ Ensemble Esperanza - Southern Tunes

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On their second album of this series, Ensemble Esperanza is looking south. Just as on their debut album, Nordic Suites, Ensemble Esperanza has selected dance-like pieces, this time from the highly variegated musical landscapes of Southern Europe. Although only one of the works is in the form of a traditional dance suite, all four move with a swaying motion. The works on this recording date from the first two-thirds of the twentieth century. All four are highly individualistic in character and share a quest for essence and for the sublime, with a formal clarity and lucidity inspired by the great model of Classical Antiquity, which first gave rise to this vast cultural landscape. The warmth of the underlying sentiment allows the pieces to align with their own luminous ideal of Mediterranean beauty. Ensemble Esperanza was founded in 2015 as part of the integral musical education programme of the International Academy of Music in Lichtenstein. With the exception of the concert master, the ensemble is made up of grantees of the International Academy of Music who are coming together for their musical projects from all over the world.

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