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Kathy Smith Timeless Collection: Strong, Sleek and Slim

Kathy Smith Timeless Collection: Strong, Sleek and Slim

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Three Fan Favorite Workouts on One DVD! "Welcome to my Timeless Collection! I hope you'll enjoy these DVDs containing my favorite and most memorable workouts from the past. What was great then is still great today and I think you'll agree that a great workout is, indeed, TIMELESS! Get three times the fat burning power with my Strong, Sleek & Slim Workout! Leg warmers and matching tights may be out, but feeling GREAT in your skin has never gone out of style! Lose weight, increase lean muscle mass and super-sculpt your core, hips and butt. It's my Triple S Effect that your body has been asking for. The results are timeless and the music and moves are pure fun! Feel that zing again! Kathy Smith. This DVD contains: WEIGHT LOSS WORKOUT This timeless weight loss program features Kathy's proven fat burning formula an integrated technique that combines cardio and weight training segments to speed up your metabolism and maximize fat loss. A nutrition segment on Power Foods will teach you how to feed your muscles and not your fat! (75 minutes); ULTIMATE VIDEO WORKOUT What's old is new with this super-fun flashback to the 80s! Get your heart rate up, increase endurance and rev up your metabolism with a fun, retro-hip cardio routine. Finish off with a rejuvenating dynamic stretch segment. (60 minutes); ULTIMATE STOMACH & THIGHS WORKOUT This workout hits the spot with all the right moves in all the right places! a three-phase target-toning system features Kathy's secret techniques to defining your lower body and flattening your abs forever! (89 minutes). Total running time: 224 minutes.

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