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John Lenehan - Beethoven Piano Sonatas: Moonlight & Pathetique

John Lenehan - Beethoven Piano Sonatas: Moonlight & Pathetique

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Live studio recording of pianist John Lenehan's performance of Beethoven Moonlight and Pathetique Piano Sonatas. Contains 2 pieces of music including: "Pathetique" Sonata No. 8, Op. 13 and "Moonlight" Sonata No. 14, Op. 27, No. 2. This is a 'Direct Cut' recording of the wonderful pianist John Lenehan, performing two of Beethoven's wonderful Sonatas. We recorded the album at Air Studios on a very hot July day. Creating a "Direct Cut" means that John had to play "live", with no editing at all. You cannot stop the record lathe once you have started. Any mistakes and you must start all over again. John used no score and plays both sides beautifully. Yes, there are a few pedal noises, but I don't think they are too distracting. We hope that you have as much pleasure in listening, as we had in creating this great album! 180g Audiophile Direct to Disc LP! A dynamic performance, pure analog delight! 180Gram 33RPM Audiophile Vinyl.

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