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Jantsannorov/ Duo Gobi Rhapsodie - Nar - Die Sonne

Jantsannorov/ Duo Gobi Rhapsodie - Nar - Die Sonne

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NAR is the Mongolian sun that burns over the desert steppes. NAR is the light that shines in our hearts when night envelops the rooftops of Paris. NAR is the life force that animates the songs of Duo Gobi Rhapsodie. Traditional Mongolian music usually draws it's inspiration from nature. This is the reason why this first opus gets it's name NAR. The sun, standing at the source of everything, is - like this first album project - the starting point of many more musical adventures to come. The sun, at the center of which nuclear fusion generates energy, corresponds to the creative energy that animates Duo Gobi Rhapsodie as they compose their music at the intersection of Mongolian folk song, jazz and Western classical music. Duo Gobi Rhapsodie is the unlikely encounter between two musical worlds (traditional folk music vs. Classical music), two countries (Mongolia vs. France) and two cultures... Since their meeting, Susanna and Mandakhjargal have developed, arranged and composed an extensive repertoire of new unique pieces based on traditional Mongolian songs.

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