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J.S. Bach / Minnaar - Goldberg Variations

J.S. Bach / Minnaar - Goldberg Variations

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We at Challenge are proud to present a new account of Goldberg Variations by critically acclaimed young pianist Hannes Minnaar. His rendition of Goldbergs sums up all the features of a 'contemporary' interpretation at the highest degree: Transparent, detailed, and crystal-clear phrasing: each and all notes are discernible. A supreme - but not artificial nor mannered - control and care of tone and sound: touch, color and timbre are all fruit of a clearly deep insight and work. A smooth flow of the discourse: a solid overall concept of the work structure and a plain, simple (never emphasized) 'singing' of the melodic line.(Even when he takes a very slow tempo - as in the famous Variation no. 25, about 30% slower than usual - he always sustains the melody, that means it is not the tempo that makes the melody living, but the capacity to make it flow, to 'connect' sounds and silences). These Goldbergs are not told as a narrative: it is not a dramatic tale, but the architectural structure is well visible. It is not a story, it is a three-dimensional visual art work. Northern Star gave Minnaar the sound that perfectly matches his concept of the work. The rest is made by the unique Chris Maene piano. A 'Goldberg' for the 21st Century.
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