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Inseparable/ Various - Inseparable

Inseparable/ Various - Inseparable

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One of the many fascinating aspects of music is it's versatility. From deep melancholy and sadness to cheerful verve and joy, from tranquil idyll to dramatic impetus, it measures every conceivable state of mind. The present, very personal recording of the Lithuanian female musician duet - Ieva and Marija Dudaite - proves this and the title of the recording convincingly: INSEPARABLE. In this impressive recording, INSEPARABLE presents a program that has matured over 10 years of making music together - a captivating musical scenario with surprising twists and turns, immortal melodies, and great seriousness and warmth. It combines works by Ieva Dudaite, role exchanges (the pianist sings), four-hand piano playing, their own aria arrangements and a piano sonata by Lithuanian composer Jurgis Kubilius dedicated to Ieva Dudaite.

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