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Holmboe/ Futtrup/ Svane - Chamber Concertos & Sinfonias

Holmboe/ Futtrup/ Svane - Chamber Concertos & Sinfonias

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Danish composer and teacher Vagn Holmboe was born into a merchant family of amateur musicians. Vagn began formal music training at 14, before attending the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen at the age of 16. He composed around 370 pieces in all. Vagn Holmboe worked throughout his life to distill his own ideas and cut out the unnecessary. This collection comprises all of Holmboe's 13 short chamber concertos and his four sinfonias in the acclaimed recordings by the Danish National Chamber Orchestra with former chief conductor Hannu Koivula. The neoclassical concertos for one or more soloists reveal Holmboe's rustic, down-to-earth style that can be described as Danish or Nordic, as well as his inspiration from eastern European folk music.

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