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Hensel/ Sontraud Speidel - Klaviermusic 1821 1846

Hensel/ Sontraud Speidel - Klaviermusic 1821 1846

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Sontraud Speidel studied with Irene Slavin and Yvonne Loriod-Messiaen in Karlsruhe, with Branka Musulin in Frankfurt, with Stefan Askenase in Brussels and Géza Anda in Lucerne. She has been honored several times in national and international competitions. At the age of 16 she was awarded the 1st Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany, with the 1st Prize at the Johann Sebastian Bach Competition in Washington, USA, with the Jackson Prize of the Boston Symphony Orchestra for Interpretation of New Music and with Ettore-Pozzoli Prize, Italy. Recitals, concerts with orchestra, appearances at festivals, chamber concerts as well as radio recordings and masterclasses took her all over Europe, the USA, Canada, Israel, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Brazil and Morocco. On her new release she presents a program of works by Fanny Hensel.

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