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Hamm/ Boomsma - Rediscovered

Hamm/ Boomsma - Rediscovered

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Camiel Boomsma: "Discovering the music by Dutch composer Gerhard (and his son Karel) Hamm was really a game of fate. After a recital, Carl Hamm, who is a direct descendant, gave me a stack of scores. While playing through the pieces at home I was struck by their delicacy and narrative power. Gerhard Hamm belongs in a way to the musical family of Robert Schumann. He writes little poetic reflections on grand Romantic gestures. In these small musical poems a whole world lies hidden. Sometimes powerful and proud, sometimes vulnerable and reflective. Romantic expression beautiful in itself. In his "Gefunden: 6 Clavierstücke in Liedform opus 18' Gerhard Hamm's musical gift as a composer is beautifully displayed. Hamm's craftsmanship is excellent but he never neglects poetic expression."
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