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Bodan Kuma

Grand Canyon - Forevermore

Grand Canyon - Forevermore

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For the majority of the last decade and change, Los Angeles's own Grand Canyon has been resonating with music fans all over the world with their smart, warm and undeniably California pop sound.And on their forthcoming third LP, Forevermore, the band dig even deeper into their West Coast roots with an album that call back to both The Byrds and Full Moon Fever-era Tom Petty with an approach similar to the way The War On Drugs riffs on Dire Straits and Bruce Hornsby."For the record we really wanted to feature the electric and acoustic 12-string guitar," explains guitarist Joe Guese. "We felt with all everyone has been through the past few years, people could use that uplifting jingle-jangle sound, so synonymous with our California musical heroes."One song that is exemplifies the jingle in their jangle on Forevermore is the album's title track, which Rock & Roll Globe is honored to premiere today on the site."'Forevermore' has gone through six+ iterations since we started writing it six years ago," Guese explains. "It's a song about keeping the faith when things get rough and getting to this release is also the result of sticking by this song through ups and downs. So it's life imitating art imitating life. We recorded the song six times in six different studios. We finally decided to try recording it ourselves in [singer-guitarist] Casey [Shea]'s garage and finally got the song down. I guess it just took a little inspiration from Full Moon Fever (also recorded in a garage) and being around a bunch of kids' bikes."At the same time, however, the tune reflects upon the diverse layers of emotions that are associated with the feeling of love."'Forevermore' is about love that weathers storms, that lasts," he reveals. "There's a lot of cynicism out there about love. We wanted to counter that-and also write a great summer road-tripping tune. The original inspiration came from sitting in Casey's home studio which has several classic vinyl records hung on the wall. We found inspiration with lyrics and music by looking at some of the greats that have inspired us. I'd also say with the lyrics we were very inspired at the time and for this record with the kind of confidence Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen seem to sing with. We've also been enjoying very much Dylan's biblical allusions and themes that he has dealt with so much throughout his career."

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