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Gabriele Zibret - Happy Songs Und Herzenslieder

Gabriele Zibret - Happy Songs Und Herzenslieder

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Gabriele Zibret sings her self-composed, varied songs with a clear voice and at times fascinating polyphonic canons. Happy Songs und Herzenslieder (in English Happy Songs and Songs from the Heart) are positive and life-affirming songs to sing along, swing along and listen to. Songs about everyday life and the desire for more calmness, songs for more joy and for inner peace. Songs about ships sailing across the Rhine to the North Sea, about the green ray of light and Heiugesu, the song of healing and health-promoting singing. Songs about sound, about life, love, laughter and the song Fly and smile about Robin the redbreast that flies out into the world and spreads a song of peace and joy. A colorful, relaxing and refreshing song mix for those who like to sing, swing and listen. Just for the fun of it, without pressure and without music sheets. As a balance to everyday life, to recover and gain strength, for individual and collective joy, to relax and enjoy and to encourage health. A small wellness program for the body, the mind and the soul, a source of energy and a chance to meet oneself and other people in a human, sympathetic and appreciative way - to experience moments of inner and outer peace.
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