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Drop Set Strength Workout

Drop Set Strength Workout

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A well rounded strength and conditioning workout for the intermediate to advanced fitness enthusiast. Amy covers all muscle groups in this workout applying the drop set method of strength training. You have three sets per exercise and use three different weight selections to achieve the work load. This is a solid, straightforward workout with fun music and great form pointers. You don't need a ton of equipment or fancy gimmick tools. This is a one on one training session with one of most motivating instructors in the business. Train your body to change with drop set strength. Contains 3 pre-mixes! Equipment needed: 3 sets of dumbbells (various weights), mat and stability ball optional. Amy Bento Ross, a fitness professional for over 22 years, is a master trainer at the Edge Fitness Club in Norwalk, CT. Her qualifications include AFAA certified group instructor, RKC kettlebell Instructor, TRX instructor, AFPA PT, and AFPA Advanced Pt.

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