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Dinosaurs Limited Edition

Dinosaurs Limited Edition

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Enjoy some of the BBC's greatest dinosaur specials in one oversized collection that will shock, amaze, inform and entertain. Chased By Dinosaurs (featuring Land of Giants and Giant Claw) gets you face-to-face with the aptly named giganotosaurus and other Cretaceous creatures that were even larger! Then, you'll trace clues-and avoid hungry velociraptors as you search for the owner of history's most super-sized claws. In a terrifying dino double-feature, Extreme Dinosaurs (also featuring T-Rex: Warrior or Wimp) you'll find out if T-Rex was earth's meanest savage, or nothing more than a lumbering beast with hideously bad breath. In Predator Dinosaurs (The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs), see who was the most voracious of all: triceratops, velociraptors or the mysterious psittacosaurus. Also, There is a free gift "3D View Finder" which contains 7-15 3D Dino images. It has an ability for consumers to create their own 3D reels and use View Finder.

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